30 minutes before Isha, from the 2nd night of Ramadan, Brother Mohamed will be resuming his Seerah series that he started last Ramadan.

Refresh your memory, by clicking to watch a previous talk from last Ramadan’s (1444/2023) series:

11 Ramadan21 Ramadan (video)
2 Ramadan 144412 Ramadan22 Ramadan (video)
3 Ramadan13 Ramadan (video)23 Ramadan (video)
4 Ramadan*14 Ramadan (video)24 Ramadan (video)
5 Ramadan*15 Ramadan (video)25 Ramadan (video)
6 Ramadan16 Ramadan (video)26 Ramadan (video)
7 Ramadan17 Ramadan (video)27 Ramadan (video)
8 Ramadan18 Ramadan (video)28 Ramadan (video)
9 Ramadan19 Ramadan (video)29 Ramadan (video)
10 Ramadan20 Ramadan (video)
* Brother Mohamed was sick on these days

Brother Mohamed also did a talk last Ramadan on The Journey of Khidr (AS) and Musa (AS) and The States of the Heart.

If you’re interested in viewing Brother Mohammed’s Ramadan 2022 Musa Series, click here.