30 minutes before Isha, from the 2nd night of Ramadan, Brother Mohamed will take us on a journey through the life of the beloved messenger of Allah (SAW) – focussing on the aspects that aren’t often covered by most Seerah courses.

Please click here to download and print the Seerah quiz. Please hand your completed copy directly to Brother Mohamed. Deadline is 27th Ramadan. Prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

Click to download a previous talk in the series

11 Ramadan21 Ramadan (video)
2 Ramadan12 Ramadan22 Ramadan (video)
3 Ramadan13 Ramadan (video)23 Ramadan (video)
4 Ramadan*14 Ramadan (video)24 Ramadan (video)
5 Ramadan*15 Ramadan (video)25 Ramadan (video)
6 Ramadan16 Ramadan (video)26 Ramadan (video)
7 Ramadan17 Ramadan (video)27 Ramadan (video)
8 Ramadan18 Ramadan (video)28 Ramadan (video)
9 Ramadan19 Ramadan (video)29 Ramadan (video)
10 Ramadan20 Ramadan (video)
* Brother Mohamed was sick on these days

Brother Mohamed also did a talk on The Journey of Khidr (AS) and Musa (AS) and The States of the Heart.

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